Ein Gedanke zu „Looking below the waterline of a 1922 Dutch Barge

  1. There is absolutely no doubt that the way of preserving the hull of old barges Chris Huber writes about in this well written and clear article is perhaps one of the best in modern two component paint systems. But there are more routes that lead to Rome so let me warn you: You need a company very familiar with this particular way of doing the job, exactly like Chris explains. Yes, you have a lasting result for many years but absolutely do not forget to inspect the hull from the inside because that remains the same: most of the hull corrosion comes from the inside!!! A normal Dutch hull treatment every, let’s say 4 years, costs for a 20 metre ship around €2000 and it’s not a bad idea to go to the yard and inspect your barge along with the maintenance every time, because they are old and all kind of things can happen. The treatment of Kinette described by Chris is, mind you, very very expensive!!

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